Abel Tasman Guided Walks

For the Independent Traveller 

Discover the untouched wilderness of The Abel Tasman National Park from Totaranui to Wainui at your own pace with our CAR DROP OFF SERVICE. We meet you at Wainui Car park at an agreed time. Here you will get into our vehicle and we will transfer you to Totaranui. The walk back to Wainui is a total of 12.2kms. Allow 5 hours walking time and an hour or more for swimming!

– Transfer from Wainui Carpark to Totaranui Carpark
2 people $150

Adventure on your own Self Guided Walk in The Abel Tasman National Park

Discover the untouched wilderness from Totaranui to Wainui at your own pace, while we take care of the logistics. With our comprehensive package, you’ll enjoy seamless transfers, a comfortable day pack, and a mouthwatering lunch to keep you energized. Stay hydrated with included water and drinks, as well as indulge in refreshing snacks along the way. Our walking poles ensure stability, while a first aid kit and emergency beacon guarantee your safety. Plus, with detailed maps and informative guidance, you’ll be fully equipped to explore nature’s wonders. 

– Transfer from Wainui Carpark to Totaranui Carpark
– Lunch
– 4 snacks per person
– Water
– First Aid Kit
– Emergency Beacon (between 2 people)
– Rain poncho
– Walking Poles
– Backpack
– Quick dry towel
– Wet bag
– Insect repellent
– Sunscreen
– Detailed Map
– Brochure which includes information about the history, points of interest, flora and fauna 

2 people $780 

Bespoke Guided Tour in he Abel Tasman National Park

Embark on an extraordinary adventure along the world-renowned Abel Tasman Coast Track with our exceptional private guide service. Your journey will be tailored to your walking abilities and preferences in landscapes. Prior to your adventure we will ask you a range of questions and present you with a couple of options to ensure we guide you on a walk that is best suited to your ability and likes. 
During your journey, our professional guide will lead the way, set up a gourmet picnic lunch in one of The Abel Tasman’s most dreamy locations and provide you with snacks and rest stops amidst breathtaking backdrops, rejuvenating your body and soul. Immerse yourself in nature’s grandeur and create memories that will endure a lifetime. 

– Transport to and from Drift Off Grid 
– Lunch and picnic set up and pack away
– Professional Guide
– Water Taxi (depending on chosen walk)

Carried by your guide:
– First Aid Kit
– Emergency Beacon 
– Rain ponchos
– 4 snacks per person
– Quick dry towels
– Wet bag
– lunch and picnic
– Insect repellent
– Sunscreen

Carried by you:
– Detailed Map 
– Walking Poles
– Small Backpack
– Brochure which includes information about the history, points of interest, flora and fauna 

2 people From $1190

Abel Tasman Guided Walk - Frequently Asked Questions

How challenging is the Abel Tasman Coast Track for self-guided walks?

The Abel Tasman Coast Track offers a moderate difficulty level for self-guided walks, making it accessible to a range of fitness levels. 

Our Abel Tasman guided walks and tours cater to diverse preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience. Whether you"re an avid hiker or a casual walker, the track's well-maintained paths provide a rewarding exploration of the stunning landscapes. Discover the beauty of Abel Tasman with our guided hikes, designed for an optimal blend of adventure and comfort. 

Choose our Abel Tasman self-guided walk package for a personalised journey through this breathtaking coastal track in New Zealand. Embark on an unforgettable adventure today!

Can I bring my own equipment for the Self Guided Walks?

Certainly! While our Abel Tasman guided walks provide comprehensive equipment, you"re welcome to bring your own gear for the self-guided walks.

It's essential to ensure your personal equipment aligns with the track's requirements and your comfort. 

Our Abel Tasman self-guided walk option allows flexibility for those who prefer their gear. However, rest assured that our guided hikes and tours also include quality equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable exploration of the breathtaking Abel Tasman Coast Track. 

Whether choosing our guided services or opting for a self-guided adventure, your comfort and safety are our priorities. Embark on your journey prepared and at ease!

What kind of lunch is included in the Self Guided Walk package?

Embark on your Abel Tasman guided walk with a delectable lunch included in our comprehensive package. 

The culinary experience complements the stunning landscapes of the Abel Tasman Coast Track. Our carefully curated lunch features mouthwatering delights designed to energise and enhance your hiking adventure. 

Whichever option you choose, be it guided walks or self-guided exploration, our commitment to providing quality services extends to a delightful dining experience. 

Revel in the fusion of nature and gastronomy, making your journey through Abel Tasman not only visually spectacular but also a culinary delight.

How long does it take to complete the Abel Tasman Coast Track with the Self Guided Walk package?

The duration to complete the Abel Tasman Guided Walk package depends on your pace and the exploration stops you choose.

This renowned track, featured in our Abel Tasman tours and guided walks, offers various trail lengths suitable for different fitness levels. 

As part of Abel Tasman guided hikes, the self-guided walk ensures you experience the coastal beauty at your own rhythm. 

Whether you"re engaging in Abel Tasman tours or self-guided walks, the flexibility allows you to savor each moment along this iconic track, making it a memorable journey tailored to your preferences.

What safety measures are in place during the Self Guided Walks?

Ensuring your safety during the Abel Tasman self-guided walk is our priority. Our comprehensive safety measures, integral to Abel Tasman tours and guided walks, include providing a detailed map, walking poles, and a first aid kit. 

As part of Abel Tasman guided hikes, each participant is equipped with an emergency beacon and a rain poncho. These measures, consistent across our Abel Tasman tours & guided walks, enhance your security, making the self-guided adventure a worry-free experience. 

Explore the breathtaking landscapes, knowing that our safety protocols, intrinsic to the Abel Tasman guided walk, are in place for your peace of mind.

Is there a minimum fitness level required for the Bespoke Guided Tour?

The Bespoke Guided Tour along the Abel Tasman Coast Track caters to various fitness levels, ensuring an inclusive experience.

While no stringent minimum fitness level is mandated, participants should be prepared for a moderately challenging hike. 

Our professional guide tailors the journey, allowing for customised pacing and rest stops. The Abel Tasman guided hikes offer flexibility to accommodate different fitness abilities, making it accessible to a broad audience. 

Join us on this exceptional adventure, where the professional guide, part of Abel Tasman tours & guided walks, ensures a memorable and comfortable experience for participants of varying fitness levels.