Private Chef

Experience the epitome of luxury and tranquility with our private chef services. Nestled on the deck of your beautiful Tent, surrounded by the breath taking vistas of the ocean at sunset, indulge in the culinary masterpieces lovingly created by our chef. Whether it’s a romantic evening for two, close friends or family gathering, let us create a long lasting memory.
Savor the extraordinary flavors from our local Chef; Mike Rimu, whose lush fruit, vegetable and flower garden in neighboring Liagar Bay delivers an unparallel dining sensation. Picture succulent strawberries (when in season) bursting with flavor that defy expectations – just the beginning of Mike’s gastronomic wizardry. From global super yachts to local fine dining, every dish he has created is a master peace, meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable, mouth watering experience. 
Indulge in the extraordinary; let Mike Rimu elevate your taste buds to new heights.